The Shower of the Future + An Interview with Dieter Rams

Shower of the Future

When I found the Shower of the Future a week or so ago, I got really excited about it, but didn’t quite know how to incorporate it on the blog… How could I make a blog post about a shower, in a way that would pique your interest? I think I finally figured it out now.


Let’s start with this interview with the grand master of design; Dieter Rams. He talks a lot here about the environment and how designers need to take responsibility for the future.

”We need to deal with our resources differently, in terms of how we waste things. We have to move away from the throwaway habit. Things can, and must, last longer. They must be designed so that they can be reused. We need to take more care of our environment. That means not only our personal environment but also our cities and our resources. That is the future of design, to take more care of these basic elements. Otherwise I’m not sure what the future of our planet will be.”

”We have to live with new technologies. But, please, they shouldn’t be wasted or used to kill one another. Instead, they should be used to improve our lives on this planet. I don’t know, in 10 or 20 years we’ll fight about whether we even have enough water on this planet.”

Shower of the Future

And this is where the Shower of the Future comes in! The thing about this shower is that it only uses 5 liters of water, no matter how long you shower, in a circulating purification system (= you use the same 5 liters over and over again). That is 90% less than an average conventional shower. It also has its own built-in heater, and a greater water flow than most conventional showers, for a superior shower experience. This would of course be very useful in a summer house with limited supplies of hot water, but think a bit further than that… Third world countries, plagued by draughts and polluted water, could really benefit from this invention. You can already find it in hospitals, zero-emission houses, sports arenas, nursing homes, fire stations and refugee centres around the world, and hopefully it will spread fast to even more places. I’m hoping some rich person will buy a gazillion of these showers and place in strategic spots around the entire globe…

I am quite convinced that Dieter Rams would approve of this invention.

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  • Renee

    Looks amazing!!
    I did a project on this subject once. And I found there are 2 major issues in this case;
    – Heating and pumping the water also requires energy. So maybe you save water but how energy efficient is the shower overall?
    – Health legislations. I know for the Netherlands there are very strict rules about the quality of shower water and you therefore need several filters (carbon filter, UV filter.. that kind of stuff)

  • SIM

    I swear I was thinking about this idea just a few months ago. It would be great for places like california (little water, lot of people).

  • Em Fexeus

    Hi Renee, thanks for your thoughts. From their website I read that this shower uses 80% less energy than conventional ones. And the water is purer than tap water. There are filters available from their website and customers can easily get a subscription so that they never run out, with deliveries based on their actual needs as the shower is connected to a smartphone app.

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