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This Is Ground | Mod Laptop 2

As I travel a lot for work, I struggle with packing all my gadgets, chargers, cables, notebooks etc in an organized manner. They usually end up scrambled in my hand luggage (read: tote bag) along with pens, passport, foreign change, keys, boarding cards, wallet, lip balm, sunglasses, old receipts, chewing gum, more lip balm, business cards, camera, half-eaten crackers, bandaids, clean socks, water bottles and all the other extremely important things I can’t live without.


Not the best solution, and definitely not optimal for getting through check-in and security in a smooth and ordered style…

Enter This Is Ground! Organizing your stuff has never looked easier (or better). This LA based brand offers handmade leather cases suitable for all your needs, with optional inserts for even more organized storage. The Mod Laptop 2 shown here has room for a laptop, tablet, power adapter, cords, pens, pencils, stylus, notepads, phone, hard drive, battery pack, glasses, cards and currency. I think this may be the solution to many of my problems… Maybe it won’t solve the issue of cracker crumbs in my camera lens, but most of the other things should be easier to find, right?

Skärmavbild 2015-07-28 kl. 19.42.38

The extra inserts come in many different styles, from the Maker/DIY Insert to the Dopp Kit Insert with room for toiletries and small bottles.

This Is Ground | Maker/DIY Insert

This Is Ground | Dopp Kit Insert


Found via Husligheter, with thanks


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